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In this 5-week online course, learn a system that will help you and a partner make daily, unshakable progress towards your long-term goals — forever.

What Makes The Grit Protocol So Different?

The Grit Protocol (TGP) is the world’s only partner-based productivity system. Based on sound principles from neuroscience, behavioral economics, and project management theory, TGP is premised on one simple truth:

Becoming grittier is difficult if not impossible for any individual. But two individuals working in tandem can get grittier together.

The World’s Most Productive Professionals Have Grit

What is your most important goal? The one thing that if achieved in the next 6-12 months would make you deliriously happy, proud, or fulfilled? Getting promoted to a leadership position at your company? Starting your own business? Becoming a world class public speaker?

Whatever the destination might be the path is obvious: sustained daily effort.

There are no-shortcuts; the only way to reach your goal is to carve out time every day to put in the work. To write the articles, make the sales calls, practice the speeches. And to continue that practice over an extended period of time, in the face of setbacks, competing priorities, and dwindling motivation.

Psychologists have a name for this ability to apply sustained daily effort towards your long-term goals: grit.

How Gritty Are You?

  • Do you often set long-term goals, but quickly lose sight of them when life gets in the way?
  • Do you consider yourself a chronic procrastinator?
  • Do you start projects but have trouble finishing them?
  • Do you find it difficult to develop important daily habits?
  • Do you tend to quit when faced with setbacks?
  • Do you find it hard to sustain daily effort towards a goal for several months?

If you answered yes to more than one question above, then the answer is simple: not nearly gritty enough.

But why? What exactly is behind our lack of grit? While most people blame themselves for this profoundly puzzling behavior, modern science has discovered a different cause. A surprising saboteur. A system in the brain that conspires to ensure we fail to apply sustained daily effort towards our long-term goals.

Why You Lack Grit

We have one brain but two minds, neuroscientists tell us.

Your Emotional Mind

  • Immediate gratification
  • Delayed gratification

First, we have a rational mind. This is the mind we’re most conscious of. The mind that is deeply interested in putting in the sustained daily effort required to achieve our cherished long-term goals.

But then there’s our emotional mind. This hidden part of our psyche has an entirely different priority: feeling good right now. In other words, what it wants most is immediate gratification. And what it hates more than anything is delayed gratification.

Unfortunately, activities that drive our long-term goals by definition require delayed gratification. As a result, every time we try to put in sustained daily effort towards our long-term goals, our emotional mind sabotages us.

Have you ever felt a powerful feeling of anxiety or lethargy right as you were about to work on your long-term goal? So powerful was the feeling, that it made you procrastinate?

That wasn’t a mistake. It was an act of sabotage. Performed by your emotional mind.

Have you ever decided last minute to sacrifice working on your long-term goal because you decided some other urgent obligation was more important? Only to look back the next day and ask “What was I thinking?”

The emotional mind strikes again. It temporarily brainwashed you into making the wrong decision.

So it’s your emotional mind that causes your lack of grit, preventing you from putting in the sustained daily effort required to achieve your long-term goals.

If you want to get grittier you have to tame your emotional mind. But how?

You Can’t Conquer Your Emotional Mind By Sheer Will

Most people try to make themselves grittier by exercising willpower. After previous failures, they pull themselves up by their bootstraps and redouble their commitment.

They proudly proclaim that this time will be different. And then they march forward into the storm once again. But invariably, in a few days or weeks, we know what happens.

They quit.

And that’s because the emotional mind is far too powerful to overcome by fighting head on. Anyone who has tried to will themselves out of bed at six in the morning to get an early start on their goal knows how uphill a battle that is. Our willpower is no match for the powerful feelings of aversion the emotional mind triggers in us.

Why Virtually All Expert Advice Fails to Tame Your Emotional Mind

Understanding that willpower doesn’t make us grittier, experts offer what they say are more effective suggestions. A litany of science-backed habits they claim can protect us against our emotional mind.

Some experts, for example, suggest exercise, explaining that consistent cardio has been shown to improve our self-control.

Other experts recommend meditation, which when performed consistently, increases our ability to control our impulses.

To be sure, solutions like these do indeed help protect our long-term goals from being sabotaged by the emotional mind. That is if we do them consistently.

But most people that try to take on these recommendations quickly fail. And the reason is why is simple.

Remember that the emotional mind sabotages any activity that requires delayed gratification. Which is why it sabotages our efforts towards our long-term goals.

But solutions such as exercise and meditation also require delayed gratification. A fact which leads us to an inevitable and devastating truth:

The emotional mind will sabotage our attempts to exercise and meditate too.

If you’re going to beat your emotional mind once and for all, you need a system that:

1. Prevents your emotional mind from sabotaging your long-term goals.

2. But critically, that solution also has to be, itself, un-sabotagable.

Does a solution like this exist?

The Grit-Solution Trap

The system you put in place to prevent your emotional mind from sabotaging your long-term goals, better be, itself, un-sabotagable. Otherwise, your emotional mind will sabotage it too.

What is The Grit Protocol?

The Grit Protocol

The Daily Checklist

Partner Accountability

The Grit Protocol (TGP), the world’s most powerful productivity system, consists of two components:

1 / The Daily Checklist: a series of research-backed exercises designed to prevent your emotional mind from sabotaging your goals.

2 / Partner Accountability: a daily phone meeting where you’ll perform the protocol with a partner, which makes the TGP system, itself, virtually un-sabotagable.

The Daily Checklist Powerfully Prevents Your Emotional Mind From Sabotaging Your Goals

The Daily Checklist is a carefully constructed list of research-backed exercises, each one designed to protect you from goal sabotage in the following ways:

  • The Daily Checklist makes overwhelming tasks feel more manageable

    Some goals feel so overwhelming, your emotional mind almost can’t help but sabotage them. But TGP helps you break down goals into tiny chunks, making them far less threatening to your emotional mind.

  • The Daily Checklist makes quitting more difficult.

    When the going gets tough on a project, the emotional mind loves to make you quit. After all, it’s the easy way out. But in TGP, your partner will provide enough accountability to make quitting more difficult, making it less attractive to your emotional mind.

  • The Daily Checklist eradicates procrastination.

    In recent decades, psychologists have discovered a shockingly effective technique to help us bypass the emotional mind’s acts of sabotage. They’re called implementation intentions — a simple exercise that doubles the chances you’ll follow through on your goals. Implementation intentions are the heart and soul of TGP.

  • The Daily Checklist helps you blast through obstacles.

    Obstacles can make you feel so hopeless that whenever they arise, the emotional mind is quick to have you throw in the towel. But TGP includes a simple yet effective troubleshooting exercise based on the scientific method. Having a tool like this at your disposal helps calm your emotional mind. It quickly realizes that all obstacles are surmountable.

  • The Daily Checklist keeps you focused on one project at a time.

    The emotional mind loves to convince you take on more and more projects, after all the novelty of a new project beats the boring old project that you’re currently slogging through. But it’s a trap. You soon end up with so many projects that none of them get done. Fortunately, TGP only allows you one project at a time. A way to prevent the emotional mind from nudging you onto a slippery slope.

  • The Daily Checklist keeps you motivated by reminding you of your progress.

    Nothing is more depressing to the emotional mind then working on a project for weeks or months and feeling like there’s nothing to show for it. That’s why TGP tracks your progress visually. By spending a few moments every day reviewing it, your emotional mind can see the payoff is around the corner.

Partner Accountability Makes TGP Un-Sabotagable

While the Daily Checklist is amazingly effective, what separates The Grit Protocol from every other system is that it’s centered around a daily meeting with a partner. It’s this critical component that makes TGP, itself, virtually un-sabotagable. Here’s why:

When we set up an appointment to perform any activity with another person we change the very nature of that activity. It makes not showing up at the agreed upon time painful.

Human beings have evolved to feel intense social pain when we break commitments with others. What’s more, while human beings hate breaking all commitments, few things are worse than the social embarrassment we face when we miss an appointment.

We’ve all had the experience of being late to a meeting with someone – a boss, a personal trainer, our child’s teacher – and running full tilt to avoid the intolerable discomfort of missing it.

Therefore, when we setup a daily meeting with an accountability partner to perform the Daily Checklist together, we instantly make not showing up to that meeting painful.

As a result, our emotional mind can’t sabotage our meeting, without causing immediate pain. And remember, the emotional mind hates pain. As a result, our emotional mind is far less likely to sabotage TGP.

Therefore, TGP is dramatically easier to stick with over the long-haul. Consequently, it’s the most powerful solution for developing grit available today. Hands down.

The Power of Partner Accountability

TGP is performed with a partner during a daily phone appointment. Because breaking appointments causes human beings so much social pain, our emotional mind is far less likely to sabotage them.

How The Grit Protocol Online Course Works

The Grit Protocol online course is a carefully constructed, intensive 5-week program. It’s not only designed to teach you and your partner TGP, but to quickly get you performing TGP. The course is structured as follows:

Phase One: Preparation

Did you know that roughly 90% of people don’t finish online courses? Well this program is different. We use the power of partner accountability to make sure you complete it.

That’s why you’ll start the course by getting out your calendar and scheduling the next 5 weeks. You’ll block out 30 minute appointments when you and your partner will perform the course together. Dramatically raising the chances you finish the course.

Phase Two / Week 1: Learn TGP

In the first week of the course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of TGP. You’ll understand why it works, how it works, and you’ll learn how to operate it in a way that dramatically increases your chances of making consistent daily progress.

  • Define your goals

    The critical first step in achieving maximum productivity is clarifying your most important long-term goal. You’ve no doubt set goals before, but most are either too vague to provide any real direction or too specific to allow enough flexibility to maneuver. Our tried and tested goal-setting protocol will help you define your goals in a way that will afford you both direction and flexibility.

  • Setup your workspace

    In order to operate a highly sophisticated productivity system like TGP, we’re going to need an equally sophisticated project management tool. That’s why we use the best tool on the market: Asana. We’ll walk you through setting up a free account and customizing it specifically for TGP.

  • Learn the protocol

    The Grit Protocol is a combination of highly effective researched back exercises designed to help you make daily progress. But you’ll need to learn to use them to maximum effect. In this phase, we’ll teach you how.

  • Learn how to be a good accountability partner

    You ever heard the expression a chain is only as strong as its weakest link? Just like you will be relying on your partner to not be the weak link, your partner is relying on you to do the same. Luckily there’s only five simple principles you need to learn to be a good accountability partner.

Phase Three / Weeks 2 - 5: Perform TGP

Beginning in Week 2, you’re going to start performing TGP. Each day for the remainder of the course, you’ll watch one 2-3 minute video, and then, immediately after, call your partner and perform your daily meeting. By performing the daily meetings, not only will you start making progress towards your goals right away, but you’ll learn the system in the best possible way: by doing it.

  • Break down projects into small pieces

    Once you’ve selected your goal, one of the first things you’ll do is to start asking what are the specific next steps in order to move forward? In other words, you’ll practice decomposing. Breaking it down into smaller, more clearly defined pieces.

  • Schedule your activities strategically

    We often have a gut level fire inside of us to fulfill our short-term obligations. Reply to the boss’ email, pack the kids’ lunches, check on a disgruntled client—these activities feel very urgent, like a ticking time bomb. But in Phase Two, you’ll schedule your day so that you work on your long-term goals before you work on your short-term obligations.

  • Planning for distractions so you don’t get derailed

    Throughout Phase Two, there will be times you get started on a task but get derailed by a distraction or interruption. You’ll use implementation intentions to increase the chances of fending off those distractions. In this Phase you’ll practice doing exactly that.

  • Troubleshoot your activities to breakthrough obstacles

    Over the course of the four weeks, you’re bound to run into a few obstacles here and there. Have no fear, your partner will help you troubleshoot your challenges, and together you’ll decide on what changes you can make to circumvent or blast through the obstacle. You’ll be amazed at how unstoppable you become.

Phase Four: Evaluate TGP

When you begin the course, we ask you: how many days over the past 4 weeks have you spent on your long-term goal? Then, on the final day of the course, we’ll ask the question again.

You will have gotten such great results with TGP over the previous month that you’ll want to continue this system with your partner indefinitely.

Meet Your Instructor: Al Pittampalli

  • Author of Persuadable: How Great Leaders Change Their Minds to Change the World (Harper Collins) — selected by the Wall Street Journal as a book of the month.
  • Also author of Read This Before Our Next Meeting (Penguin) which was the most popular Kindle book in the world during the week of its release. It’s been translated into six different languages.
  • Has helped organizations like NASA, Google, Microsoft, Biogen, and Hewlett Packard change the way they think about productivity and leadership.
  • He is a writer for Psychology Today and Harvard Business Review.
  • He has appeared in Forbes, Fast Company, CBS, the Wall Street Journal, and more.

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

TGP works. It’s based on well-tested principles from neuroscience, behavioral economics, and project management theory. As long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort that this intensive program requires, you can expect excellent results. But in order to make it a no-risk proposition for you, I want to extend to you this Money Back Guarantee:

If you’re not satisfied with The Grit Protocol, for any reason, just let us know by e-mail within 60 days of purchasing the course, and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

The Grit Protocol Includes the Following:

  • 53 video lectures

    In these videos, Al Pittampalli, will walk you through TGP in a clear, easy to follow manner. No math or advanced statistics. Just the facts.

  • 2 online course licenses

    When you sign up for the course, we’ll send you two licenses. One for you and the other for your partner.

  • Online goal setting workshop

    Not clear on your goal? Have no fear. In Week One, we’ll take you through a step-by-step process for defining your important long-term goal.

  • A customized Asana account

    TGP is a sophisticated productivity system that requires an equally sophisticated project management tool. Fortunately, we’ll show you how to sign up for a free account with Asana. Then we’ll show you how to customize it.

  • Your questions answered

    Have questions while taking the course? No problem, submit your questions and they’ll be answered.

Signup for The Grit Protocol


$200 USD


  • 2 Online Course Licenses
  • 53 Video Lectures
  • Online Goal Setting Workshop
  • Customized Asana Account
  • Your Questions Answered


$2,000 USD


  • Learn TGP Directly From Al Pittampalli
  • Next Level Accountability
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Long-term Strategy Planning
  • Exceptional Results

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase the course?

You’ll get an email that contains your login info for the course. You’ll also receive a unique coupon code that you should forward to your partner. The code will allow your partner to register for the course as well. Once they do, they’ll receive their login info. Once you both have your credentials, you should both login and watch the first 2 videos which will explain how to use the course.

I don’t have a partner. Is there a way to purchase just one license of the TGP online course?

Unfortunately, no. TGP is a partner-based productivity system. Therefore, you can only buy two licenses at a time. If you’d like help finding a partner enter your information

How much time does the course take?

The 5-week course takes about 30 minutes each weekday.

My partner and I can’t agree on a consistent regular meeting time. Can we still perform TGP?

I’m afraid not. The first crucial requirement to do TGP is to have a regular meeting time with a partner. While you may be compatible personality wise, your schedules must be compatible as well. I would try to find another partner who has a schedule compatible with yours.

My partner and I want to split the cost. Can we pay for the course with two different credit cards?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You’ll have to pay on this site with one form of payment.

What happens if my partner bails on me half way through the course?

Alas, that’s always a risk. If that happens, you’ll need to find another partner to take his or her place. If you’d like help finding a partner you can enter your information here.